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War of 1812


The War of 1812 Events 2013


Exhibit: Smoke on the Water  The War on Lake Erie – 1813

(from June 2)

We are augmenting and refocusing last year’s exhibit to tell the story of the naval arms race on Lake Erie, the blockade of Perry’s squadron at Presque Isle and the final, climactic Battle at Put-In-Bay.  The exhibit will pay special attention to the role of Norfolk County in these actions, and will include, models, artifacts, original documents and video components.

Exhibit: Facts and Folklore (from June 2)

In Norfolk County, and across the province, the War of 1812 has remained with us not only in history books, but also as a large body of folktales and legends.  While many are great stories, some may not be exactly the same stories that they were 200 years ago.  This display looks at some of these yarns and tries to separate the folklore from the fakelore.



Event: Barclay’s

(Saturday, August 10th, afternoon and evening)

A (slightly ironic) commemoration of the local folktale that suggests that British naval Commander Robert Barclay and his officers were attending a local party in their honour, while the newly-built American fleet was making its way into the lake from the Erie Harbour.

The day’s activities will focus on the social history of Upper Canada at that time, and will include informal concerts of 1812-era songs and dance music as well as participatory workshops in period dance.  We have confirmed the participation of traditional musicians from Ontario and the British Isles.  Evening activities will include a public contra-dance with Ralph’s Ranters playing hot contemporary arrangements of historical dance tunes and caller Frank Francalanza to lead the dancing.  The public is encouraged to attend in period costume.  Details at http://portdovermuseum.ca


The War of 1812 in Brief

June 18, 1812: United States declares war on Great Britain.

August 6, 1812: Major-General Isaac Brock meets with the Haudenosaunee, encouraging them to join the battle against the Americans.

August 8, 1812: At an inn now housing the Norfolk Tavern in Port Dover, Brock rallies volunteers, asking them to join the militia to defeat the Americans. About a week later, Brock and his troops will be victorious at Fort Detroit, which earned him a knighthood.

January 1813: The U.S. Navy orders the building of war ships at Erie, Pennsylvania, across Lake Erie from Port Dover.

June 19, 1813: British Commander Barclay’s squadron of ships is spotted in Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio.

September 10, 1813: The Americans win the Battle of Lake Erie. U.S. Commander Perry tells Washington: “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

October 5, 1813: Tecumseh, a First Nations leader allied with the British, is killed. Refugees move from the Detroit area toward Brant and Hamilton.

Fall 1813: Mallory, formerly of Burford but now allied with the Americans, arrives with his troops in Dover and marauds settlements along the Grand River.

November 13, 1813: At Nanticoke, east of Dover, British commander Bostwick routes the American marauders who have been terrorizing the farmers and settlers in the area.

May 14, 1814: American Commander Campbell’s raid on Dover and Port Ryerse, burning the villages to the ground.

June 15, 1814: American raiders loot and pillage Port Dover and Long Point.

October 1814: The raid of the Thames Valley leads U.S. Commander McArthur eastward.

November 6, 1814: American troops defeat the British at Malcolm’s Mills (now Oakland), burning the mill.

November 7, 1814: The Americans move south, burning Sovereigns Mills (now Waterford). By nightfall, McArthur and his troops arrive in Dover. Seeing no reinforcements on Lake Erie, they turn and head to Detroit, pillaging and burning villages along the way

December 1814: The war is over.


Barn Quilts in Norfolk County

  1. Procyk Farms, 758 Concession 3, Wilsonville
  2. Waterford Hardware, 3 Alice St, Waterford
  3. Bloomsburg Park, Old Hwy 24, south of Waterford
  4. Lynnwood Park, Norfolk St N, Simcoe
  5. Cider Keg, 1231 Hwy 24 South, Vittoria
  6. Lamport Park, Old Brock St, Vittoria
  7. Kernal Peanuts, 393 Fishers Glen Rd, Vittoria
  8. Long Point Region Conservation Area, east of Fishers Glen on Front Road
  9. 2785 Front Rd, Near Port Ryerse
  10. 25 King St, Port Ryerse
  11. Heritage Park, Port Dover
  12. Port Dover Harbour Museum, 44 Harbour St, Port Dover
  13. 24 Haldimand Rd 55, Nanticoke
  14. Burning Kiln Winery, 1725 Front Rd, St. Williams
  15. 314 Front Rd, Port Rowan
  16. Backus Heritage Conservation Area, 1267 2nd Concession Rd, Port Rowan
  17. Bird Studies Canada, 115 Front Rd, Port Rowan
  18. 350 Erie Blvd, Long Point
  19. Sand Hill Park, 845 Lakeshore Rd, west of Port Rowan



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