Norfolk County Ontario’s Garden
Norfolk County Tourism

Serves: 8

Recipe by: Chef Anthony, Port Dover


      8 medium Norfolk County potatoes, skinned and diced
      3 tbsp red wine vinegar
      1 medium onion, chopped
      3 whole eggs, cooked and chopped
      2 medium Norfolk County apples, cored and diced
      3/4 cup dill pickle slices, chopped
      1/4 lb Salami, thinly sliced and chopped, from V. G. Meats
      3 tbsp mayonnaise
      Salt, pepper & paprika to taste

Methods/ Steps

      Boil diced potatoes.
      When cooked, drain thoroughly and place on a large pan to cool. In a stainless steel bowl add eggs, onions, apples, salami and pickles.
      Toss with vinegar and add cooled potatoes.
      Fold together well and add mayonnaise and seasonings.
      Preparation Time 25 minutes