Norfolk County Ontario’s Garden
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3 oz superfine sugar

2 Tbsp water

Lavender ice cream Norfolk County5 oz fresh lavender flower buds

0.4 pints milk

4 egg yolks

2 oz superfine sugar

0.4 pints heavy cream


Dissolve sugar in water, with lavender flowers, and then cook to a caramel. Add milk to this, then stir until caramel dissolves in milk. Leave to infuse for half hour or so. Meanwhile mix egg yolks with castor sugar until thick and creamy, then strain the lavender milk onto this. Heat slowly, to make a custard which will coat back of wooden spoon – don’t boil of course. Leave to cool. Whip heavy cream lightly, then fold into cold custard. Freeze. People always love this although they cannot always pin down the flavour.


Author unknown, from Provence France (Nigella).