Norfolk County Ontario’s Garden
Norfolk County Tourism


Recipe by: Dave Reid, Norfolk Land Stewardship Council


      5 wild turkeys from Norfolk County
      3 wild geese


Beginning at 9am – dig a hole, approximately 6-ft. square.
Line the hole bottom and half of the sides with medium-sized
stones. Place a large pile of hardwood firewood in the hole and
begin your fire so it can burn for 3 hours (the goal is to get the
rocks as hot as possible – they give off heat to cook buried food).
Pack all of the poultry together to form one mass.
Prepare food to be cooked (meat should be totally thawed and may be flavoured by injecting sauces or inserting onions or fruit in the body cavity.) Wrap the meat in 6-10 layers of heavy aluminum foil.
Around Noon – remove all coals and wood from the fire, using shovel and insulated gloves, to ensure even cooking. Place wrapped food
on top of hot rocks and using gloves and shovels. Then place rocks around and on top of the wrapped food. If you have a wire rack or wire basket that will fit into the hole, this can be used to sit the food on. Cover the rocks with sand. Leave the meat to cook for 5 hours.
Around 6pm – Using gloves, coveralls and shovels, carefully dig up supper (your guests will be amazed.) Let meat rest for 1/2-hour.
Then remove all layers of foil. Carve and put meat into large
aluminum serving trays. Meat tastes great served on a bun with
dipping sauces. Serve with cold salads, corn-on-the-cob and new