Norfolk County Ontario’s Garden
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Norfolk County boasts many great musicians and bands that are active today.

James Atkinson

Ian Bell

Ian Bell has performed across Canada and in the U.S. since the late 1970s. On his own and with a number of different ensembles, he has appeared at numerous folk festivals (Winnipeg, Mariposa, Edmonton, Ottawa, Yellowknife, Owen Sound, Lunenberg , Montmagny, and others) and in concerts and dances in venues ranging from Roy Thompson Hall and the Lincoln Center in New York … to Randy Haskell’s barn.

David Bowen

Terry Danko

Cindy Dell

“Cindy has been making music from Miami to New York to southern Ontario on her own and with various bands.  She has released five independent CDs with various bands: The Baladins, Janes Street (Women at Work), and the Blue Rubies (Home Ground), and 2 solo CDs: Heart of this House and the most recent: Gathering Tales.” – music.cbc.ca

The Dharlings

Diesel Dog

Cathal J. Dodd, Rory Dodd

Amelia Goodlet, Wyatt Goodlet, Adam Goodlet

Fred Eaglesmith

“Award-winning singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith inspires comparisons to icons like Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen, tops the roots music charts, and boasts devoted fans that include a slew of his fellow songwriters.” – music.cbc.ca

Rachel Heart

“Singer songwriter Rachel Heart has brought her very personal journey, dreams and inspirations into song.” – music.cbc.ca

Roy Kenner

Tia McGraff

“Writing and recording since the young age of 19, Tia McGraff’s uplifting, heart-warming songs have been garnering her strong fan exclaim from the start.” – music.cbc.ca

Felicia McMinn

Bruce “House” Milner

Joey Muha

Terry North

Duane Rutter

“Rutter combines elements of everything from blues, folk, country, bluegrass and even a little psychedelia to form a riveting stew of emotional sustenance.” – music.cbc.ca

Alison & Darrin Schott

“Darrin and Alison are a picking, singing and song writing duo from South Western Ontario who bring beautiful harmonies and world-class musicianship to their unique blend of country, bluegrass and folk music.” – music.cbc.ca

Shoeshine Boys

A blues band based in Norfolk County featuring Marco Wright (bass guitar), Tony Duclos (lead vocal), Red MacArthur (guitar), Ryan Morrison (keyboard), Kevin Robinson (guitar, lead vocal), Rick VanRyssen (drums), Bobby Banks (sax, guitar).

Erin Smith, Wayne Smith

Whiskey For Robots

Simcoe-based rock band featuring Ryan Morrison, Mark Wright, Gabe Atkinson, Brad Voegtle, Willow Stuart.

Jenna White