Norfolk County Ontario’s Garden
Norfolk County Trails

This cycling tour goes by the famous Courtland Bakery.

This trip takes place on the northwest side of Norfolk County. There is a good area to park in Langton just east of the route this tour takes near thRoad coming into towne 12th Concession Road. The 12th Concession Road is not a busy road so parking on the side of this road is an option as well. An alternate start/end point is in the village of Courtland where there are many small side streets where parking is available.

Head west on the 12th Concession Road past farmland on rolling hills until you come to a stop sign, go through the stop sign and the road curves slightly to the left into the village of Frogmore. Turn right onto Norfolk County Road 45 to travel through this village and out again past more corn fields.

You’ll come to the edge of Norfolk County here and turn right onto Elgin County Road 55. Look out for potholes on the side of this road as you ride through some beautiful shaded, forested areas. At the top of a rolling hill, you’ll come to a stop sign at Colonel Talbot Road where you will turn right.

This is a main road that is busier than the rest of the back country roads in this route so be aware of the traffic around you. This road takes you straight into the village of Courtland where the famous Courtland Bakery awaits you. This great little shop, bakery and café is a great pit-stop for food, drinks and washrooms; make sure you try something from the bakery, it’s delicious! If you want to hit this bakery, turn left onto Highway 3 and you’ll see it about 20 metres up on the right. To get back to the Talbot route, simply go left out of the bakery parking lot and turn left onto Colonel Talbot Road.

Long stretching, hilly country road

To continue on the cycling route, you’ll cross Highway 3 on Colonel Talbot Road. This road will curve to the right and you’ll come to another stop sign at Byerlay Side Road. Turn right onto Byerlay Side Road and take this road back across Highway 3 (this is done to avoid the busy highway). This backcountry side road is fairly free of traffic and a great leisurely ride with a slight decline in a majority of the road.

You will come to a stop sign where the road ends at Middleton North Walsingham Townline Road and turn right onto this road where the road continues on in a slight decline. You will come to a stop sign and cross the busy Highway 59 and travel one road west to Hazen Road where you will turn left (this is done to avoid the busy highway). Hazen Road will bring you back to the 12th Concession Road near the village of Langton.


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