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Birding In Norfolk County

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve, designated by UNESCO, is one of the most important waterfowl staging areas in North America, while the non-coastal portions of Norfolk County also provide important foraging and migratory stopover sites for ducks, geese and swans. Long Point is also home of the national headquarters of Birds Studies Canada.

Eco Tourism

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation promotes research, monitoring, community outreach and education, partnerships, and projects that support the goals of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable communities in the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve. We exchange information and work collaboratively with the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association, as well as other biosphere reserves in Canada and around the world. Our UNESCO/ MAB Biosphere Reserve designation does not bring with it any new authorities over lands, water or resources.

Fishing In Norfolk County

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You can virtually fish all-year-long!

Hunting In Norfolk County

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Hunting is a life style choice, accepted and practiced by many.
It’s not just about the harvest, although wild game is a healthy alternative to products we purchase, but more importantly it brings people closer to nature.