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Renew Your Marketing Partnership

We’ve made some changes to our Marketing Partnership Program. See below for details.

Renew Online here

Fees / Benefits of the Marketing Partner Program

The annual participation Basic fee is $179 plus HST. Fee must be paid in full before service is provided. The Marketing Partner Program is approved by Norfolk County Council.

  • One (1) Website Listing on norfolktourism.ca – including:

    • Partner Name
    • Address (Street, Town, Postal Code)
    • Description (25 words maximum)
    • Up to two (2) Phone #s
    • Link to one (1) Email
    • Link to one (1) Website
    • Links to up to three (3) Social Media Addresses
    • Icons
    • Up to five (5) Images, including Logo
    • Google Map window with Partner Location plus link Google Maps
    • Partner must input listing information, images, etc., onto norfolktourism.ca

    One (1) Printed Listing in Annual Experience Guide – including only:

    • Partner Name
    • Address (Street, Town)
    • One (1) Phone #
    • One (1) Email
    • One (1) Website
    • Icons

    Event Posts

    • Opportunity to Post Events on norfolktourism.ca
    • Event must be inputted by Partner to website

    Additional Printed Listing(s) in Annual Experience Guide

    • Opportunity to purchase additional Guide listings where appropriate at same price

    Partner Rates for Display Advertising in Annual Experience Guide:

    • Eighth Page: $375 + HST
    • Quarter Page: $750 + HST*
    • Half Page: $1,500 + HST
    • Full Page: $3,000 + HST
    • Full Page Covers: $3,500 + HST
    • *Partners who purchase a Quarter-Page Display Ad or larger receive free “Enhanced Package” (value of $50)

    Social Media Feeds

    • Social Media posts by Partners may be shared and showcased on Norfolk Tourism social media feeds, if County staff resources permit.

    News Blog

    • Partner News may be posted on Norfolk Tourism News Blog, if County staff resources permit.
    • Opportunities increase when Partners email news directly to County staff.

    Consumer Email Newsletters

    • Partner News featured on Tourism News Blog may be mentioned in Norfolk Flavours Email Newsletter, if County staff resources permit

    Partner Newsletter

    • Subscription to monthly industry email newsletter to Partners only

    Additional Promotional Opportunities

    • Partners can participate with Norfolk County to share in costs of additional promotional opportunities

    Familiarization Tours

    •  Opportunity to participate in familiarization tours involving bloggers, travel media, developers, newcomers, tourism consultants, group tour operators, etc.


    • $179 + HST
    • Partners are encouraged to prepay for services, and to pay online.
    • The Marketing Partner Contract can be downloaded here.
  • Basic Partners who also purchase the Enhanced Package receive:

    Enhancement of one (1) Printed Listing in Annual Experience Guide – including:

    • Partner Name
    • Address (Street, Town)
    • Description (25 words maximum) 
    • One (1) Phone #
    • One (1) Email
    • One (1) Website
    • Up to three (3) Social Media Addresses
    • Icons

    Additional Fee

    • Partner fee plus additional cost of $50 + HST
  • 1. Register with Us

    • Click the “Renew Online here ” link above.
    • Click on Lost Your Password.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Click on Get New Password.
    • Check your email for the confirmation link.
    • Click on the link.

    2. Select your password

    • Link takes you to a page where you choose a password. (Use the suggested password or enter your own. Keep a record of the password in your files.)
    • Click on Reset Password.

    3. Log in

    • Your password will reset.
    • Click on Log in.
    • Enter your username/email and password.
    • Click on Log In.
    • The “Directory Dashboard” will open.

    4. Edit your listings

    On the “Directory Dashboard”, you can:

    • Edit an existing listing by clicking on the “Title” or name of your organization.
    • Add another listing, which will be in addition to your current listing at additional cost.
    • (If no listings appear, contact us.)

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