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Long Point Bay is a MUST destination for fishing!

You can virtually fish all-year-long!
WINTER…The season starts very early in the New Year with ice fishing, specifically for yellow perch and Northern Pike. If the ice stays thick, you can see huts dotting the bay for miles.
EARLY SPRING…Mid-March to April, as the ice begins to break, Spring Pike and perch come in abundance.
EARLY SUMMER…May 15th to the end of June almost half of the Inner Bay is a sanctuary for spawning bass.There is NO FISHING of any kind permitted in the sanctuary, which is clearly marked.  But the rest of the bay is great for perch, pike, rock bass, sunfish and crappie.

Fish Available in Norfolk County

SUMMER…The 4th Saturday in June BASS season opens!    There are as many as 2000 boats in the bay in search of
smallmouth and largemouth bass.  The reason for being such a popular area is the weed lines and weed patches which attract these species.
LATE SUMMER…During the hot days of August, the large mouth bass is still in ample supply for early morning and late night fishing
AUTUMN…Fishing extends far beyond Labour-Day weekend.  Pike and perch are still plentiful and anglers can enjoy less
competition in the bay.
If you catch a Goby, it is an invasive species.
Throw it in the garbage, not back in the lake!

See below Chart for Fishing in Norfolk County.

Fish Chart with Available fish varieties specific to areas


Popular Norfolk fishing destinations include:

Big Creek

  • Deer Creek Conservation Area
  • Little Lake Conservation Area
  • Lehman’s Reservoir
  • Teeterville Conservation Area

Lake Erie

  • Turkey Point
  • Inner Bay ( Long Point)
  • Young Creek – mouth
  • Normandale
  • Port Dover Pier

Inland Waters

  • Young Creek at Vittoria
  • Fisher Glen Conservation Area
  • Lynn River Simcoe to Black Creek
  • Backus Heritage Conservation Area
  • Waterford North Conservation Area
  • Trout Pond