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Raspberry Pop Tart

A great dessert.  Sweet summer sandwich.  Quick and easy for camping or at the cottage, but exceptional for company and a summer get together.

Recipe By: The Cider Keg




¼ cup butter or margarine

8 thick slices of French bread

8 Tbsp of Cider Keg Raspberry Pie In A Jar

4oz semi or bitter sweet chocolate (chips or coarsely chopped)

6 Tbsp mascarpone cheese




Pre-heat barbecue to medium heat.  Butter one side of each slice of bread.  Arrange 4 slices, butter side down on baking sheet.  Spread each slice with tbsp of Cider Keg Raspberry Pie In A Jar, leave a boarder.  Sprinkle chocolate evenly over each slice.  Spread mascarpone cheese on each of the remaining slices of bread, leaving a slight boarder.  Place bread mascarpone side down on top each raspberry/chocolate slice.  Grill each sandwich until chocolate melts and bread is golden.  Remove from barbecue and let cool 5 minutes.  Cut each sandwich in half, serve and savour!